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Is your HR staff distracted by the demands of administering employee benefits? Are you looking for new ways to engage your employees? Let Trion help with our benefits administration and private exchange solutions.

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Trion helps you choose the right benefits strategies to strengthen your business. Our™ solution reflects more than 20 years of experience, incorporating all the intelligence we've gathered about how to support the administrative process.

We built our solution on benefits enrollment best practices. We live in the world of benefits day in and day out - and our benefits management and private exchange solutions reflect more than 20 years of experience, incorporating all the intelligence we've gathered about how to support the administrative process. Since we know how important simple, accessible enrollment and administration are, our solution allows your employees to:

  • Enroll in benefit plans online.
  • Make changes to their plan.
  • Manage flexible spending and transportation benefits
  • access information - forms, brochures and other documents to help them understand enrolling in their benefit plans.

Our benefits enrollment solution also includes The Interaction Management (TIMS), a custom proprietary software which:

  • Tracks open and resolved issues by employee.
  • Issues "Life Cycle" tracking.
  • Provides online reporting.

The practical and functional foundational elements of our solution are complemented by a high degree of scalability, meaning that we evolve with client needs, industry trends and technological developments. You'll also benefit from the cumulative feedback of our client community, as well as from the integration of industry trends and best practices that define application enhancements, development and new releases.

Put the power of information and benefit plan knowledge in the hands of your employees and experience the simplicity of partnering with Trion.

Technology and Experience Culminate with Great Customer Service

We know that self-service tools and information alone are not enough. When direct interaction with another person is needed, Trion's call center provides personal advice and expertise, becoming the central point of contact for your participant inquiries... and freeing your internal staff from the work associated with documenting, researching, resolving and responding to employee inquiries.

Find out how our solution can help your business.

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