Benefit Plan Administration

Your strategic plan is finalized. We'll help you with what comes next.

Strategy is critical - but a strategy is only as good as its execution. Once your long-term benefits plan is in place, our best-in-class service teams will partner with you to turn theory into practice, from plan management to vendor management and throughout the entire implementation. A benefits plan administration partner you can trust and rely on is key during the plan implementation process. Our job is to make this process easy and to ensure it's successful. We'll do everything possible to help you meet your objectives - and it starts with providing high-quality service.

Benefits Plan Administration & Management

An effective health plan management strategy incorporates each stage of workforce health risks, combines each risk with benefit design and communications, and measures the impact of each health care intervention for continuous improvement and sustained return on investment. Our dedicated, full-service, expert team - an account manager, a client service lead, and an underwriter - will guide you through the whole process.

Vendor Management

Successful plan implementation depends on vendors that live up to their proposals - and your expectations - in the administration and management of benefit plans. and managing benefit programs. We'll help you manage your vendors' performance to make sure everything stays on track.


The success of your benefit plan program depends on how your employees use it, especially when it comes to health care. We'll help you develop a communication strategy based on your benefits and your audience. From planning through delivery, we'll create communication tools to educate your employees and motivate them to make smart choices about their benefits. The result? Maximum plan value for you and your employees.

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