Employee Health & Benefits

Shift the paradigm. Providing facilities, opportunity, and incentive can make your team more productive and reduce costs.

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Employee Communication

Employee communication skills and tools are a critical component of successful project management and regulatory compliance.

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Consulting & Analysis

Deepen and quantify your understanding of the needs and interests of your current and prospective employees.

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Wellbeing and health management are a critical part of an employer’s overall benefits program management. We use the right data to help employers design and implement wellbeing programs to build a culture of health with a focus on what we believe are the five key facets of wellbeing.

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Trion is a leader in the employee benefits marketplace, and part of MMA, a subsidiary of Marsh, the world’s leading global insurance broker and risk management advisor. We provide risk management and employee health and benefits services that help our clients flourish.

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Large Employer Solutions

Our Absence, Disability, & Life Practice focuses on the unique and complex world of large employers; designing and implementing solutions that help employers optimize workforce productivity through results-driven absence management and disability management strategies.

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Trion Benefits Blog

Top 4 Things to Consider Before Cutting City Electricity

Cities across the country are opting to switch their electric provider in favor of superior rates. These electric suppliers enter into agreements known as municipal aggregation programs. This allows cities to discuss the terms of its population’s electricity expenses. While citizens can opt to use a different provider, there are a number of factors to

As Prices Skyrocket, What Is the Future of Bitcoin?

The concept of Bitcoins is as controversial as it is confusing for many. While numerous individuals do not understand the virtual currency, it is gaining attention for its exorbitant worth. By current measures, one Bitcoin is worth $8528. What makes Bitcoins so confusing is there is not an easy conversion into standard currency. This is

Three Revolutionary Trends in the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is not immune to the disrupters affecting other businesses. The rise of technology, an increased need for organizational dexterity, and more are revolutionizing business as usual for manufacturing companies. The following are several trends manufacturing businesses need to keep an eye on to remain competitive. Jobs Coming Back to the States Several