Enhancing Ecommerce with Task Automation and Streamlining the User Experience

Enhancing Ecommerce with Task Automation and Streamlining the User Experience

Automation is taking the ecommerce industry by storm. While ecommerce businesses automate a variety of marketing tasks, the technology is easing its way into other aspects of ecommerce businesses as well. In fact, companies that fail to leverage the power of automation are likely to fall behind their more tech-savvy competition. This is not to say non-automated ecommerce businesses provide inferior services, but it will certainly take them much longer.

Benefits of Automation

Automation in marketing saved a significant amount of time. When retailers realized this, they began to wonder where else automation could serve them. The following are a few benefits of automated tasks.

  • Detecting fraud. Ecommerce platforms allow vendors to set rules on how to manage potential fraud. If the system detects a mid-level fraud threat, it can forward it on for review by a finance employee. If the threat level is high, it can cancel the order altogether. The ability to thwart fraud before it happens is huge in regards to saving businesses time and money.
  • Focusing on what matters. Many businesses spend countless hours on menial, but necessary tasks. When companies automate those tasks, it allows them to focus on improving the customer experience. Personalization is no longer a nice-to-have for customers; they expect it and will go elsewhere to find it if necessary. Businesses that automate can use their new time to address this need.
  • Improving the checkout experience. The checkout page is the biggest bottleneck in the purchasing process. All goes well, but then the customer spends several minutes entering and verifying their credit card information. It is a clunky process and one that businesses are working on resolving. With mobile payment options and wallet apps, companies can help customers streamline the checkout process. Difficult checkout pages kill conversions; automating it can save sales.

Businesses that want to remain competitive need to automate the tedious but necessary tasks. This will allow their employees to spend their time more efficiently and flex their talents to improve the customer experience. To learn more about how automation and other developing technologies will affect ecommerce businesses, contact the experts at Trion.