Fair Share


Voluntary benefits are extremely profitable for insurance carriers. With FairShare you receive 50% of the profits.


Proceeds can be used to improve ERISA-covered employee benefits and/or reduce costs.


You become a partner with the insurance carrier, not a customer.

Why Use FairShare?

Many insurance carriers are making significant profits on voluntary benefits. FairShare helps large employee organizations utilize 50% of those profits to enhance benefits or reduce costs. We offer a unique program that’s easy to implement with no financial risk to your organization. We call it FairShare – and it’s about time that you and your employees get your fair share.

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Program Benefits

  • Employees receive better benefits at lower costs.
  • Insurance carriers and MMA do all the work and you receive the benefits.
  • Works like all your other voluntary benefits.
  • The program is very easy to implement.
  • As a member of FairShare, you’re an owner in the process, creating real transparency.
  • FairShare offers a low-risk, high-reward advantage for your organization.
  • 50% share of the profits with no additional administration

How It Works

CASE STUDY – 60,000+ Employee Retailer

  • Easy to implement, earn 50% of the profits
  • 46% savings on accident insurance
  • Added 37 covered events to critical illness program
  • Works like any voluntary benefit program

When was the last time you were able to offer employees increased coverage and premium savings?